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BENS-DZHONSA IS WHITETo (H. Bence-Jones, 1813 — 1873, English doctor; synonym: Bens-Jones proteinaceous body, Bens-Jones albumine) — the protein of urine appearing in it at some morbid conditions. Has property to drop out in a deposit during the heating to t 50 — 60 °, to be dissolved during the heating to temperatures close to temperature of boiling of solution, and again to drop out in a deposit during the cooling. On these properties a proteinuria with existence in B.'s urine - Must be (Bens-Jones a proteinuria) it is possible to distinguish from other types of proteinurias (see) since for the rest it gives all characteristic reactions to proteins. It is for the first time described in 1848 by Bens-Jones. Emergence in B.'s urine - Must be is a characteristic symptom of a multiple myeloma (see). - Must be B. represent light chains of the immunoglobulins (see) produced by cells of a myeloma; pier. weight apprx. 22 thousand (a dimeasure — within 40 — 44 thousand). In each separate case of a multiple myeloma melomny squirrels and respectively a yak light chains represent monoclones, i.e. the homogeneous proteins synthesized by one clone of plasmocytes. On the other hand, different patients can have different B.' set - Must be, the light chains of immunoglobulins belonging to the class. Respectively the amino-acid structure and food amino acids of B. - Must be, allocated from urine of patients with a multiple myeloma, are not always identical. - Must be characteristic of B. absence or very low content of methionine, a histidine, oxyproline and high content of tyrosine is. - Must be B. easily crystallizes; cases of its spontaneous crystallization in uric tubules and in tumors (proteinaceous crystals) are described.

For B.'s detection - Must be in urine it acidify to pH apprx. 5,5, filter and heat. Loss of protein in a deposit at a temperature apprx. 56 is characteristic °, increase in a deposit at further heating in full dissolution during the boiling (Bens-Jones test). For quantitative definition of B. - Must be urine heat to t ° 70 °, separate a deposit of protein centrifuging, wash out it water, alcohol, ether and weigh.

- Must be B. find in urine in 30 — 80% of patients with a multiple myeloma. Emergence in urine of this protein is described also at some cases of leukemias, lymphosarcomas, osteomalacy and some other diseases, however in a crust. time emergence in B.'s urine - Must be consider as an important specific diagnostic symptom of a multiple myeloma, allowing also a possibility of its emergence in urine only in rare instances of extensive porazhzheniye of marrow (e.g., at myeloid leukemia). B.'s maintenance - Must be in urine can make up to 6 — 7% of shares of percent; cases of allocation by the patient with a multiple myeloma to 50 g of this protein a day are described. The Bens-dzhonsovsky proteinuria usually is followed by a hyperproteinemia, to-ruyu charge to presence of myelome proteins at a blood plasma. - Must be B., apparently, it is produced by cells of a myeloma.


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