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BENNETT CHANGE (E.H. Bennett, 1837 — 1907, the Irish surgeon) — an intra joint change of the basis of the I metacarpal bone with an incomplete dislocation of her body in the back and beam party. It is described in 1882 by Bennett. The bp makes about 5% of all fractures of bones of a brush and 30% of fractures of metacarpal bones.

There is B. of the item more often owing to blow to a head of the I metacarpal bone, falling on the straightened I finger in a condition of its reduction. At the same time there is a longitudinal change at palmar and elbow edge of a joint surface of the basis of the I metacarpal bone. The broken-away small fragment in the form of a pyramid is kept on site by strong sheaves, and the metacarpal bone under the influence of the injuring force and a tension of sinews of a razgibately and long abductor is displaced along the joint surface of a big polygonal bone in the proximal direction, forming a back and beam incomplete dislocation.

Fig. Bennett's (roentgenogram) change.

Clinical signs of B. of the item. Bruise, deformation in the area I of a pyastnozapyastny joint with a vystupaniye of the basis of a metacarpal bone are observed. The I finger is in a condition of reduction, is shortened, the active and passive movements are limited, painful. Sharp morbidity at effleurage on a head of the I metacarpal bone or a finger-tip is noted. The bp should differentiate from a bruise and dislocation of the I metacarpal bone. The final diagnosis is made on the basis of given to a X-ray analysis (fig.) which allow to define a type of a change and degree of shift of fragments.

Treatment The bp consists in reposition with elimination of an incomplete dislocation of 1 metacarpal bone and deduction of fragments in the correct situation before consolidation. Reposition 5 ml vnutrisustavno carry out under local anesthesia 2% solution of novocaine. Make extension for the I finger in the provision of assignment and simultaneous pressure upon the basis of 1 metacarpal bone from a dorsum. After reposition apply plaster a bandage in the provision of the maximum assignment of the I finger. Stronger deduction of fragments is reached by fixing by 2 spokes — one is carried out through both fragments, and another — in the slanting direction through metaphyses of I and II metacarpal bones. An immobilization approximately within 1 month, further — massage, bathtubs, gymnastics. Working capacity is recovered at the correct treatment in 1 — 1,5 month. The wrong treatment leads to development of the deforming arthrosis and falloff of operability of a brush.


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