BELOZERSK Andrey Nikolaevich

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BELOZERSK Andrey Nikolaevich

BELOZERSK Andrey Nikolaevich (1905 — 1972) — the Soviet biochemist, the academician (1962), the vice-president of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1971 — 1972), Hera of Socialist Work (1969).

In 1927 ended physical and mathematical f-t Central Asian state un-that. From 1927 to 1930 — the graduate student at department of phytophysiology at A. V. Blagoveschensky. Since 1930 worked at department of phytochemistry of MSU — the assistant (since 1930), the associate professor (since 1932), since 1943 as professor. From 1946 to 1960 managed laboratory Ying-that biochemistry of A. N. Bach Academy of Sciences of the USSR. In 1965 under the leadership of A. N. Belozersky the interfaculty laboratory of bioorganic chemistry at MSU is created, the director a cut he was until the end of life. Since 1963 carried out duties of the deputy academician-secretary of Department of biochemistry, biophysics and chemistry of physiologically active connections of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

A. N. Belozersky is an author over 200 scientific works, it is widely known for researches in the field of chemistry and biochemistry of nucleic acids. It for the first time showed availability of DNA and histones at vegetable organisms, and also presence at nucleoproteids of proteins of acid character (not histones and not protamins).

A. N. Belozersky and it sotr. communication of contents and biosynthesis of nucleic acids with processes of growth and development and biosynthetic activity of microorganisms was revealed. The results concerning specificity of nucleic acids and its communication with a systematics and evolution of microorganisms, animals and plants are of great importance. Detection of rather small variations of nucleotide composition of RNA in comparison with DNA and detection of correlation in nucleotide structure of both types of nucleic acids allowed A. N. Belozersky to suggest about existence of the RNA special DNA-like fraction which is a carrier of information in biosynthesis of protein and it to predict discovery of information RNA. Under the leadership of A. N. Belozersky great success in studying of structure and biochemical functions of substructures of cells of microorganisms, a structure and the nucleotide sequence of molecules DNA, a biological role of polyphosphates, etc. is achieved. More than 40 years And. N. Belozersky conducted pedagogical work at department of phytochemistry of MSU. Took part in scientific editing the section «Chemistry» of the 2nd prod. BME. It is awarded by three Orders of Lenin and an award of the Labour Red Banner.

Works: Practical guidance on phytochemistry. M, 1951 (sovm. with Proskurovy N. I.); About metafosfatno-nucleinic complexes of yeast and about the chemical nature of volutin, M., 1955; A correlation between the compositions of deoxyribonucleic and ribonucleic acid. Nature (bond.), y. 182, p. 111, 1958 (sovm. with Spl-rin A. S.); Nucleoproteids and nucleic acids of plants and their biological value, M., 1959; Composition of nucleic acids and taxonomist. Izv. Academy of Sciences of the USSR, it is gray. biol., JM 1, page 64, I960 (sovm. with Spirin A. S.).

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I. B. Zbarsky.