BELOUSOV Pyotr Petrovich

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BELOUSOV Pyotr Petrovich

BELOUSOV Pyotr Petrovich (1856 — 1896) — the Russian health officer, the doctor of medicine (1896). Having ended Moscow un-t (1881), worked as the rural doctor in the Podolsk province, since 1883 — the territorial doctor, and since 1889 — a dignity. doctor of Tula.

The main scientific research of P. P. Belousov was devoted to questions of utility hygiene. It, having analyzed the organization (system) of removal of city sewage in 60 cities of Russia and Western Europe, developed methods of soil neutralization of liquid utility waste; proved that in the soil dunged by sewage, their full mineralization comes in 4 years. On its initiative in 1891 in Tula cesspool fields on the area of 60 dessiatinas were arranged.

In 1896 in Moscow un-those he defended the dissertation on «To a Question of Modern Situation and the Immediate Tasks of Sewage Disposal of the Russian Cities». Are published by it also this about spread of syphilis among the country population.

P. P. Belousov as dignity. the doctor paid much attention to improvement of Tula. On its initiative in the city the water supply system was constructed and the city public park is open.

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Yu. V. Novikov.