BELOPOLSKY Efim Timofeyevich

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BELOPOLSKY Efim Timofeyevich (sort. in 1753 — year of death neizv.) — Russian medical officer. In 1773 — the doctor pupil in the St. Petersburg general overland hospital, in 1775 — the subdoctor, in 1777 — the doctor, and since 1778 — the headquarters doctor. In 1797 was an inspector of the Kazan medical justice, next year it is dismissed from service due to illness.

The meeting in 1792 with the great Russian commander A. V. Suvorov in many respects defined views in follow-up activity of E. T. Belopolsky. Participating in inspection of troops with a task to eliminate high mortality in them, E. T. Belopolsky studied original system of A. V. Suvorov on health protection of troops and became her adherent. This system was based on steady carrying out rational a gigabyte. the actions directed to improvement of conditions of heavy soldier's work and life. Supplementing and developing provisions of this system, E. T. Belopolsky made «Rules for medical ranks», the Crimea Suvorov the order of July 16, 1793 ordered to follow: «... in all shelves of my administration to arrive neupustitelno». Unlike the views existing at that time and established practices, «Rule» for decrease in incidence of troops demanded to pay the main attention to high quality of food, drink, to the device of barracks and dugouts, the maintenance of kitchen ware, respect for purity, the prevention of different «exhaustions». They recommended the list of the elementary folk remedies (bark of a young brittle willow, a woadwaxen-grass, flowers of the tributary etc.), to-rymi had to stock up in all artels, ways of treatment of a scurvy and fever were specified. Found in «Rules» reflection and Suvorov system of treatment of patients is preferential at parts. Under extremely unfavorable conditions of keeping of patients in hospitals of that time certainly the organization of treatment was justified (except heavy and hronik) at regiments. Here it was possible to provide spacious placement, observance a gigabyte. the mode, the best leaving and food at insignificant distinction in volume of possible medical aid.

Were reasonable also an order of division of patients into four groups (sick, weak, sick, preferential), and their separate placement: in process of improvement of a state patients were transferred from one group to another; conditions of their contents and the mode gradually approached a situation of a camp life then soldiers were written out in companies.

«Rules for medical ranks» of E. T. Belopolsky reflect the progressive directions of domestic military medicine: not to limit profession of a physician to treatment of patients, and to aim to remove the causes of diseases by precautionary measures. Support And. In its well-known «To science to win against V. Suvorov recommending «Rules»», allowed to realize the innovative ideas E. T. Belopolsky's headquarters doctor.

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