BELONOVSKY Georgy Dmitriyevich

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BELONOVSKY Georgy Dmitriyevich

BELONOVSKY Georgy Dmitriyevich (1875 — 1950) — the Soviet microbiologist, the immunologist, the member correspondent of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the honored worker of science of RSFSR (1935), I. I. Mechnikov, S. P. Botkin's pupil. Ended VMA in 1899. Began to work as the student on bacteriology in S. P. Botkin's laboratory, and then in the Kronstadt sea hospital for V. I. Isaev. Studied immunity at plague. In 1905 — 1907 — in a foreign business trip: worked for I. I. Mechnikov, Yu. Morgenrot, E. Salkovsky, A. Wright. Since 1908 — the privatdozent of department of bacteriology in Women's medical in-those, is later in VMA, in Ying-those improvements of doctors (department of hygiene of G. V. Hlopin). Since 1915 — the chief of sanitary and disinfection group on the Black Sea. Since 1917 and until the end of life directed the department of bacteriology and epidemiology of GIDUV (Leningrad) created by it. Published 99 works. The main works belong to justification of a recent trend — a himiovaktsinoterapiya, i.e. elective distribution of chemotherapeutic substances in their interaction with vaccines. A number of works of the scientist and oho pupils is devoted to studying of cellular immunity. G. D. Belonovsky offered a method of immunization against scarlet fever by spraying a virus toxin (1927). It possesses the first in the USSR (sovm. with V. A. Taranukhin, 1918) the message that the causative agent of flu is not the stick of Pfeyffer, but a virus. It was the honorary member of bacteriological association un-that in Nancy (1934), the honorary corresponding member of the Island of the Vienna bacteriologists (1928).

Works: About influence of injections of equal doses of hemolitic serum on numerical structure of elements of blood, a yew., SPb., 1902; To a question of the causative agent of the Spanish flu, Arkh. A wedge, in-that at perfection, doctors, t. 1 page 128, 1922; Invisible bacteria, 1/g, 1923; Scarlet fever as amnkroony process, Doctor, gas., L * 22, page 1650. 1930; La recherche des voles nouvellee dans le domaine de la of vaccinoth£rapie, Arch. Int. M£d. exp., t. 6, p. 219, 1931; About sources of immunity, Iav. Academy of Sciences of the USSR, otd. mat. I estsstvo. sciences, page 291, 1934; Dynamics of immunity, M. — JI., 1944.

Bibliography: Georgy Dmitriyevich Belo-novsky. Microbiology of J4» 2, page 84, 1951; Znakenskyayg. A. Georgy Dmitriyevich Belonovsky, ballot boxes. mikr., epid. and to them-mun., 10, page 3, 1950.

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