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BELOKURIKHA — the balneological resort in Altai Krai. It is located in 250 km from Barnaul and in 75 km from. - of the station Biysk Zap. - Sib. The resort is at the height of 250 — 300 m above sea-level, in the foothills of Altai, in the valley of the mountain river Belokurikha. The Belokurikha sources were known to local population in 18 century. However the beginning of existence of the resort should be considered 1867.

Belokurikha, building of sanatorium.

Climate of the resort continental, with sharp temperature fluctuations both from time to time years, and within a day. The summer is warm, with dominance of a sunny weather (average temperature of July 20 °). The winter is moderately cold, with dominance of frosty weather (average temperature of January — 15,8 °). The spring is slightly colder than fall. The greatest number of rainfall drops out for the warm period of year (IV—X) — 356 mm, all in a year apprx. 466 mm, number of hours of sunshine 1946. The resort is protected from winds by mountains.

The main remedies of the resort — low-mineralized thermal (t ° from 27,6 to 42 °) the radon waters (6,5 — 25 nkyuri/l) relating to type sulfate-hydrocarbonate sodium with contents silicon to - you and fluorine.

Formula of chemical composition of water of the main operational well:

Water of sources is applied in the form of bathtubs, to drinking treatment, inhalations, irrigations, radonic applications.

In the resort there are sanatoria for adults, and also for children. At all-resort policlinic out-patient treatment of patients is organized. There are an all-resort balneary, klimatoveranda and aero sunbeds.

Indications: diseases of bodies of blood circulation, movement, nervous system, disbolism, gynecologic diseases. Considering that the resort is located in the foothills of Altai and that the balneolecheniye is made by radon waters, the direction there of patients with cardiovascular diseases in the presence of signs of a circulatory unefficiency is inexpedient. In more detail indications, and also contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection, table.

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S. Ya. Slutsky.