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BELL Charles

BELL Charles (Bell Charles, 1774 — 1842) — Scottish anatomist, physiologist and surgeon. Got a medical education in Edinburgh, since 1799 — the surgeon in military hospital. In 1812 it is elected the member of royal surgical board, worked in hospital and at medical school at it. Since 1824 — professor of surgical college, and then (since 1828) — London un-that. In 1836 was returned to Edinburgh where until the end of life there was professor un-that.

Among works Ch. Bella are most considerable: about ways of preparation of anatomic drugs; about system of anatomy of a human body (it is executed together with the brother John); the books generalizing clinical observations of the author. Its works in the field of neurology are valuable: about paralysis of a facial nerve (paralysis Bella), about sensitivity of muscles. World fame opening (1811) of the sensitive nature back and the motive nature of ventral roots of a spinal cord brought Ch. Bella. In 1822 the French physiologist F. Marangdi confirmed this opening, and it was called Bella — Marangdi by the law.

Compositions: System of operative surgery, L., 1807 — 1809; On the diseases of the urethra, L., 1810; An idea of a new anatomy of the brain (L-, 1811; Surgical observations. L., 1816 — 1817: An exposition of the natural system of the nerves of the human body, L. (1824; The nervous system of the human body, L., 1830; Practical essays, Edinburgh, 1841 — 1842.

Bibliography: Arkhangelsk G. V. History of neurology from sources till the 20th century, page 160, M., 1965; Immortal B. S. Charlya Bell and Londonskaya physiological scale, Owls. the doctor, rebuke., J * 5, page 379, 1937; Multanov-sky M. P. History of medicine, page 188, M., 1961.

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