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BELLY REFLEXES — the reflexes caused by shaped irritation of skin of an abdominal wall. Distinguish three belly reflexes from each party: 1) upper, or epigastriß (epigastric), caused by shaped irritation of an upper part of an abdominal wall in the direction parallel to edge of a costal arch; 2) average, or celiac (mezogastralny), appearing as a result of shaped irritation at the level of a navel across; 3) lower, or hypogastric (hypogastric), caused by shaped irritation of the bottom of an abdominal wall parallel to an inguinal fold. V. M. Bekhterev allocated still the fourth belly reflex — so-called nadpakhovy, caused by shaped irritation of an inner surface of a hip.

B.'s effect of river: reduction of a direct muscle of a stomach (m. rectus abdominis), outside and internal oblique muscles of a stomach (mm. obliquus externus et internus), a cross muscle of a stomach (m. transversus abdominis), as a result to-rogo is reduced an abdominal wall at appropriate level. The upper reflex corresponds to the VII—VIII chest segments of a spinal cord, average — the IX—X and lower — the XI—XII. B. is normal rubles differ in big constancy if only the abdominal wall is not represented excessively flabby. They disappear at defeat of the segments of a spinal cord, ventral or back roots, the corresponding peripheral nerves stated above, and also at defeat of pyramidal ways. It forces to assume that the reflex arc of belly and other cutaneous reflexes becomes isolated in a cerebral cortex.

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