BELLYARMINOV Leonid Georgiyevich

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BELLYARMINOV Leonid Georgiyevich

BELLYARMINOV Leonid Georgiyevich (1859 — 1930) — the Soviet ophthalmologist. After the termination BMA (1883) it is left for improvement at department of eye is painful, directed by V. I. Dobrovolsky.

In 1886 protected dokt. the thesis, in 1889 it is elected the privatdozent, and in 1893 — professor of department of ophthalmology of VMA. From L. G. Bellyarminov's works the researches of the movement of a pupil and intraocular pressure executed under control of the graphical method of photorecord developed by it are of special interest. The data on influence on a pupil and intraocular pressure obtained by it irritation of sympathetic and sensory nerves did not lose value. It developed and widely used an original in principle technique of studying of diffusion of various substances in a cavity of an eye (a tsvetomerny way of L. G. Bellyarminov). L. G. Bellyarminov created large school of ophthalmologists. It left professors V. N. Dolganov, N. I. Andogsky, S. V. Lobanov, Ya. V. Zelenovsky, etc. Under its management more than 250 scientific works are performed. He is an editor (sovm. with A. I. Merts) three-volume collective leadership by eye diseases (1930).

L. G. Bellyarmetov's merit in organization of events on fight against a blindness in Russia is exclusively big. On its initiative were created and flying eye groups functioned in 1893 — 1914.

Within 32 years L. G. Bellyarminov was the permanent chairman of the St. Petersburg, and then Leningrad ophthalmologic island. Works: Experience of use of a graphical method to a research of the movement of a pupil and intraocular pressure, a yew., SPb. 1886; Eye diseases, p.1 — 3, L., 1928-1930 (sovm. with Mertz A. I.).

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