BELER Lorentz

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BELER Lorentz

BELER Lorentz (Bohler Lorenz, 1885 — 1973) — the Austrian traumatologist, the doctor of medicine, professor. Worked in Mayo's clinic (Rochester, the USA) and in Vienna for the famous orthopedist A. Lorentz. In 1916 founded in Bozena infirmary for patients with fire injuries of bones and joints. From 1925 to 1971 — the permanent director and the research supervisor of the largest traumatologic hospital in Vienna and professor of department of traumatology un-that.

L. Beler developed a number of methods of operational and conservative treatment of fractures of bones which are stated in the monograph «Die Technik der Knochenbruchbehandlung» (1929). The book was repeatedly republished, is translated to a pas Russian and other languages. Under the leadership of L. Beler in Austria the network of traumatologic clinics and points which are separated from clinics of the general surgery is organized. It developed the principles of rehabilitation of patients after an injury. He is an author widely known in the world of the tire for skeletal traction and other devices for treatment of patients with injuries. L. Beler was a participant of the I All-Union congress of traumatologists-orthopedists (1963).

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