BELENKOV Nikita Yuryevich

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BELENKOV Nikita Yuryevich

BELENKOV Nikita Yuryevich (sort. in 1917) — the Soviet neurophysiologist, the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1969). Member of the CPSU.

Ended biological f-t Leningrad un-that in 1941. Worked in physiological department of I. P. Pavlova Ying-that of experimental medicine of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. Since 1954 — the doctor biol, sciences: since 1955 — the department chair of normal physiology Gorky medical in-that. Since 1973 in-that heads department of normal physiology of the 1st Leningrad medical of Pavlov.

N. Yu. Belenkov is an author more than 100 scientific works devoted to various questions of neurophysiology, hl. obr. morpho-physiological organization of a conditioned reflex. It put forward the provision on a mnogokanalnost of short circuit of the temporary bonds covering both cortical, and subcortical educations (19(50). The technique of reversible cold switching off of a neocortex and its separate zones (1969) developed by N. Yu. Belenkov with employees allowed polucht new data on structural bases of behavior of animals and to create idea of inclusion of the higher educations of a brain in the «joint brain system» providing implementation of irregular shapes of nervous activity. This technique gives the chance to approach the solution of a number of the fundamental issues concerning mechanisms of compensation of brain functions and reorganization of activity of a brain after switching off of these or those its formations.

N. Yu. Belenkov is the chairman of Gorky department All-Union fiziol, islands of I. P. Pavlov till 1973, the associate editor of the Higher nervous activity magazine. «Sign of Honour» and the medal «For Valorous Work» is awarded the order.

Works: Conditioned reflex and subcrustal formations of a brain, M., 1965; Efaptichesky transfer of excitement as a factor of synchronization of neural activity, in book: Sovr. probl. elektrofiziol. center, nerve. systems, under the editorship of V. S. Rusinov, page 21, M., 1967; Old and new problems of relationship of bark and subcrustal educations, Zhurn. vyssh. nerve, deyateln., t. 19, century 5, page 752, 1969; The Role of subcrustal structures in uslovnoreflektorny activity, in book: Fiziol.vyssh. nerv.deyateln., under the editorship of E. A. Asratyan, p.1, page 268, M., 1970.

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