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BEKLER Antawn (Beclere Antoine, 1856 — 1939) — the French X-ray radiologist of the period of formation and initial development of this specialty; the member of the French medical academy (1908), since 1928 its president. Graduated from Faculte de Medecine in 1877. Began studying of use of X-ray in medicine now after their opening (1895) by V. Rentgen. Since 1897 systematically read for doctors in hospital of Saint-Antawn (Paris) a course of lectures but radiologies. The circle of scientific interests of A. Bekler covered all radiology and radiology of that time. Development of questions of medical X-ray engineering and the equipment, bases of the general and private radiodiagnosis and a roentgenotherapy is connected with his name. On a disputable then question of the one who shall be engaged in a medical radiology A. Beck-ler argued the correct point of view, claiming that this business of doctors, but not physicists. Data of X-ray inspection, in his opinion, are not self-sufficing and shall not be opposed to clinic, and gain only then practical value when they are combined with all clinical data.

In February, 1897, at the beginning of a radiology, And. Bekler published the first work on radiodiagnosis (about radiological recognition of aneurism of an aortic arch), in 1898 — detailed article about radiodiagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis, in 1899 — the monograph about radiodiagnosis in clinic, and in 1902 about a roentgenotherapy. In 1905 he published the textbook of a medical radiology for doctors. In 1907 at a congress of the French surgeons made the report on beam treatment of malignant tumors. World fame got A. Bekler's job on a roentgenotherapy of fibroma of a uterus and tumors of a hypophysis; he the first paid attention to big sensitivity of seminomas to a radiant energy.

In 1908 A. Bekler founded Society of radiologists and radiologists of France. In 1931 he was the chairman of the III International congress of radiologists and radiologists (Paris).

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