BEKHTEREVA Natalya Petrovna

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BEKHTEREVA Natalya Petrovna

BEKHTEREVA Natalya Petrovna (sort. in 1924) — the Soviet neurophysiologist, the member correspondent of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1970), the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1963). The member of the CPSU since 1960.

In 1947 ended the 1st Leningrad medical in-t of I. P. Pavlov, in 1950 — a postgraduate study Leningrad psychoneurological in-that of V. M.

Bekhterev. Since 1959 — the manager. laboratory of an electrophysiology Ying-that neurosurgery of A. L. Polenov and the deputy director on scientific work of it in-that. In 1962 organized in Ying-those experimental medicine of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (IEM) department of neurophysiology of the person. Since 1966 — the deputy director on scientific work, and since 1970 — the director of IEM USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

Η. P. Bekhtereva is an author more than 170 scientific works, including 5 monographs. During the studying of biopotentials of a brain at patients of neurosurgical clinic showed communication of fluctuations of excitability of a brain with changes of bioelectric potential. The neuropharmacological research of synoptic formations of a brain of the person allowed to assume the central origin of a Raynaud's disease as special form of a paroxysmal not epileptic disease. Η. P. Bekhtereva for the first time in the USSR (1962) offered a method of implanted electrodes for treatment of patients and developed a complex method of a research of a brain of the person.

Η. P. Bekhtereva put forward a number of theoretical regulations on the principles of activity of a brain of the person and his structurally functional organization, including a hypothesis of ensuring mental activity with corticosubcortical system and of mechanisms of reliability of ensuring this activity; a hypothesis of development at a number of brain diseases of the stable morbid condition supported by homeostatic reactions. These theoretical representations served as starting points for expansion of medical opportunities of stereotaxic neurosurgery (opening of new «stereotaxic targets», use of a way of medical electrostimulations of deep structures of a brain, etc.) and for development of a stereotaxic neurologic semiology. Η. P. Bekhtereva investigated thin mechanisms of physiology of mental activity of the person — an encryption and decoding in a brain of verbal signals and a brain code of words.

Η. P. Bekhtereva is the vice-president of the International union of physiologists, the honorary member of the Hungarian society of electrophysiologists, it is elected the foreign member of Academy of Sciences of Austria, awarded by Berger's medal (Society of electrophysiologists of GDR) and an award of Mack Kallokha (Society of cybernetics of the USA). She is the editor-in-chief of the Human physiology magazine, the member of editorial boards of a number of the Soviet and foreign physiological magazines.

Works: Biopotentials of big cerebral hemispheres at supratentorial tumors, L., 1960; Raynaud's disease, L., 1965 (sovm, with other); Physiology and pathophysiology of deep structures of a brain of the person, L. — M, 1967 (sovm, with other); Neurophysiological aspects of mental activity of the person. L., 1971; 2nd prod., 1974.

V. M. Smirnov.