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BEKESHA György (Bekesy Gyorgy, 1899 — 1972) — the physicist, one of founders of modern physiological acoustics, the Nobel Prize laureate (1961).

BEKEShI György

Was born in Budapest. Upon termination of physical. f-that Budapest un-that worked in Hungarian in-those phone and telegraph. Here he began to study biophysical, patterns of acoustical function and in 1928 published the first scientific work on a subject «To the theory of hearing: form of fluctuations of the main membrane».

In 1949 moved to the USA and worked in psikhofiziol, department Harvard un-that where conducted the theoretical and pilot researches connected about a wedge, an audiology and an otiatria. It generalized researches of this period in the monograph «Experiment in Hearing» (1960). Since 1966 in Honolulu (The Hawaiian islands) directed laboratory of sensory physiology in local un-those.

The most important researches of D. Bekesha are devoted to disclosure physical. mechanisms of acoustical function. He created physical. the models of a snail and model based on psikhofiziol, the principles, tracked on them physical. the phenomena arising in a snail under the influence of a sound wave also created the theory of hearing, the basis a cut was formed by ideas of the hydrodynamic wave extending in a snail in the course of sound perception. This theory enriched fiziol, acoustics with essentially new provisions in comparison with classical representations of G. Helmholtz. For opening physical. the mechanism of excitement of an inner ear of D. Bekesha it was conferred the Nobel Prize.

D. Bekesha's theory formed the basis of the numerous researches directed to improvement of methods of controlling with relative deafness and deafness. A number of its works is devoted to studying of mechanisms of bone sound carrying out. Using modern methods, he studied the mechanism of fluctuations of a tympanic membrane and established distinctions in the size and the nature of fluctuations of its different sites.

Works: Experiments in hearing, N. Y., 1960.

Bibliography: Likhachev A. G. Memories of professor George Bekesha, Vestn, from-rinolar., No. 5, 115, 1973.

A. G. Likhachev.