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BEIL Oscar (Bail Oskar, 1869 — 1927) — the Czechoslovak biologist and the doctor, one of founders of microbiology and immunology in Czechoslovakia. Studied on biological f-those Vienna un-that, and then passed to medical f-t, after the termination to-rogo became the assistant to the bacteriologist Gruber (M. to Gruber). By the invitation to the prof. Gyuppe (f. Hueppe) O. Bayl moved to Prague where managed department of hygiene Prague un-that. The first period of its scientific activity is devoted to studying of agglutination of bacteria. Then under the influence of I. I. Mechnikov's works he studied ability of pathogenic microbes to develop in fabrics of a macroorganism of substance (agressina), harmful to fabrics and suppressing phagocytosis.

O. Bayl improved the theory of agressin according to new opening and especially in connection with development of the doctrine about reticuloendothelial system. On the basis of the works O. Bayl in 1926 formulated views of the nature of a pas of gene microbes, considering that only those microorganisms are pathogenic, to-rye form the substances capable to paralyze protective action of makrofago-endothelial system breed in micro and macrophages and again get into a blood channel.

O. Bayl developed methods of division of the mixed bacteriophages.

Among researches of school O. Bai-la Veyl's works had special value (E. Weil), to-ry together with A. Felix offered (1916) an agglutination test for diagnosis of a sapropyra.

Works: Beziehungen zwischen Aggressivitat und Leibessubstanz von Bacterien, Munch. med. Wschr., S. 1865, 1935, 1905; Das Problem der bakteriellen Infektion, Lpz., 1911.

Bibliography: Kraus R. Oskar Bail, Z. Immun. - Forsch., Bd 55, S. 1, 1928; Wo lff-E isner A. Die Aggressinleh-re, zusammenfassende t) bersicht, Zbl. Bakt., 1. Abt. Ref., Bd 38, S. 641, 737, 1906.

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