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BEILE-ERKULANE (Baile Herculane) — the balneological and climatic resort in the Socialist Republic of Romania. It is located in the Transylvanian Alps, in the woody valley of river. It is black, at the height of 160 m over at river of m. Mineral sources of B.-E. are known from 2 century AD. Climate of the resort transitional from continental to Mediterranean. Average temperature in January — 0,9 °; in June, July, August 22 °. Lech. factors: climate and mineral waters (t ° 24 — 56 °) numerous thermal sources. For to lay down. the purposes waters of sources of chloride sodium-calcium type — hydrosulphuric (6 — 52 mg/l) a low mineralization (1,6 — 6,5 g/l) and besserovodorodny, low-mineralized are used (0,3 — 1,4 g/l); formulas of chemical composition of water of the main sources: hydrosulphuric group [Horia]

besserovodorodny group [Hygea]

Water of the sources containing hydrogen sulfide in higher concentration is applied to bathtubs and inhalations, and water of sources of Hidzha (besserovodorodny) and No. 2 (hydrosulphuric, in low concentration) — to drinking treatment. In the resort several sanatoria, bathing buildings, pools, ingalyatoriya, physiotherapeutic offices. The resort functions during the whole year. Indications: diseases and effects of injuries of a musculoskeletal system and a peripheral nervous system, a disease went. - kish. path and exchange, disease of upper respiratory tracts of not tubercular character, hron, diseases of a female genital, hron, intoxications heavy metals.

G. A. Nevrayev.