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BEFUNGINUM (Befunginum) — the symptomatic means applied at treatment of patients with nek-ry malignant tumors. B.

Semi-dense extract of a coastal mushroom — a chaga, formed by a phytopathogenic parasite (Inonotus obliquus); for production of drug salts of cobalt (1% of cobalt chloride or 1,5% of sulfate of cobalt) are added to extract of a birch mushroom. Extract represents viscous, brown color weight. A medicinal basis of drug is the polyphenolic complex.

The patient with malignant tumors of B. appoint for improvement of a condition of the patient, a raising of the general tone, reduction of pains, nausea, vomitings etc. B. is recommended also at a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, hron. gastritises and diskineziya went. - kish. a path with dominance of an atony.

Contraindications: hron, dysentery, end-stages of malignant tumors (cachexia, areactivity, bystry disintegration of a tumor).

Drugs of a chaga of a malotoksichna. For the person by an empirical way the optimum therapeutic dose — 1 g of nonvolatile solid a day is established.

B.'s treatment is carried out 2 — 3 months with 1 — 2 weeks breaks. The bottle with drug is warmed up and shaken up; 3 chayn. l. drug stir in 150 ml of water. Solution is accepted on 1 table. l. in 30 min. prior to food 3 times a day. Prolonged use of B. sometimes makes sick, went. - kish. frustration.

Produce 100 g in bottles; store in the cool, protected from light place.

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V. I. Astrakhan.