BECK Caesar

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BECK Caesar (Caesar Boeck, 1845 — 1917) — the Norwegian dermatologist. From 1898 to 1915 — professor of skin diseases and syphilology un-that in Christiania (Oslo), the founder of the Norwegian dermatological island. Left more than 100 works on dermatology and internal medicine. It possesses the first description of multiple high-quality sarcoid of skin, to-ry is known under the name of sarcoid of Beck (see. Sarcoidosis ). At a research of tubercular diseases of skin Ts. Beck pointed the first to communication with tuberculosis of that dermatosis, to-ry then received the name of a papulonecrotic tuberculid (tuberculosis). The name of Ts. Beck is carried by acne necrotica which is also described by it (see. Eels ).

Works: Multiple benign sarcoid of the skin, J. cutan. Dis., v. 17, p. 543, 1899; Weitere Beobachtungen iiber das multiple benigne Sarcoid der Haut, Festschrift gewidm. Moritz Kaposi, S. 153, Wien — Lpz., 1900; Fortgesetzte Untersuchungen iiber das multiple benigne Sarkoid, Arch. Derm. Syph. (Berl.), Bd 73, S. 301, 1905.

Bibliography: Ivanov V. of Caesar Boeck, Russian vestn. dermas., t. 2, No. 7, page 651, 1924; Biographisches Lexikon der hervor-ragenden Arzte, hrsg. v. I. Fischer, Bd 1, S. 137, B. — Wien, 1932; Caesar Peter Moeller Boeck (1845 — 1917), Boeck’s sarcoidosis, J. Amer. med.Ass., v. 211, p. 1537, 1970.

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