BEAVERS Alexander Alekseevich

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BEAVERS Alexander Alekseevich

BEAVERS Alexander Alekseevich (1850 — 1904) — the Russian surgeon.

In 1874 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that. Since 1875 — the intern at hospital surgical clinic of I. N. Novatsky. During the Russian-Turkish war was on fronts (1877), then in a scientific business trip abroad. Since 1884 — the associate professor, and since 1885 — professor of department of operational surgery and surgical anatomy Moscow un-that and at the same time (since 1884) the consultant at surgical department of Basmannaya of hospital. In 1892 directed in New and Ekaterina's hospital surgical clinic. Since 1893 headed faculty surgical clinic Moscow un-that, professor the cut remained until the end of life.

A. A. Bobrov's textbooks «Dislocations and fractures», «A course of operational surgery and surgical anatomy» ran into several editions. One of the most important merits of A. A. Bobrov before the Russian surgery — continuation and development of the ideas of N. I. Pirogov in the field of surgical anatomy. Methods of operations of hernia and an echinococcus of a liver according to A. A. Bobrov are known; the device for hypodermic administration of liquids bearing his name is offered them. He was a member of the Island of the Russian doctors in N. I. Pirogov's memory, the member of the Moscow surgical island, one of initiators and organizers of congresses of the Russian surgeons.

At the initiative of A. A. Bobrova (Alupka) the sanatorium bearing now his name for treatment of bone tuberculosis at children was created in the Crimea.

Works: About the mechanism of fractures of tubular bones from action of a bullet and treatment of fire fractures of extremities without injury of joints, a yew., M., 1880; History of amputations and conservatism in surgery of extremities, M., 1881; The Management to studying of surgical bandages, a desmurgy, M., 1882; Dislocations and fractures, century 1, M., 1884; Course of operational surgery and surgical anatomy, M., 1887; The Management to surgical anatomy, M., 1892; The Doctrine about dislocations, M., 1893; Course of operational surgery, M., 1894.

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