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BEACH — the site of a coastal strip (the sea, the river, the lake, an artificial reservoir) equipped for bathings, reception of solar and air bathtubs. Distinguish P. sandy or consisting of pebble, gravel, a shell rock, etc. Artificial P. arrange on terraces with a wooden flooring. There are public P. and medical Beaches for carrying out to lay down. - professional, procedures under observation of medical staff.

The item shall be protected from cold winds by green plantings or a fence and is removed from port constructions, sources of pollution of the soil, water, air (e.g., places of production of storm, fecal waters). Approaches to P. shall be flat, if necessary funiculars, ropeways are constructed. At an entrance on P. install stands with instructions for use of P. and meteorol, data (water temperature, air, etc.) on this number. The item shall be equipped with cabins for disguise, couches for lying, shadow canopies, fungi, umbrellas, benches, shower installations with sweet water (2 horns on 100 people) is more often than solar heating, installations for washing of legs (1 on 100 people), drinking fountainlets (1 on 200 people), near P. there have to be bathrooms (1 point on 100 places of the beach). Public P. Square is defined at the rate of 5 — 6 m 2 on 1 place. On P. platforms for exercises and holding sports on air are equipped. On P. point of rescue drowning and the first-aid post equipped with all necessary for rendering acute management functions.

Medical P. shall be isolated from public P. Medical P. consists of three zones: shadow — an aerarium, solar — a sunbed (see. Aerosolyary ) and zones for bathing — water areas. Medical P. is equipped at the rate of 9 — 12 m 2 on 1 place (sunbed of 5 — 6 m 2 , aerarium of 4 — 5 m 2 ). The zone of the water area in which in 50 m from the coast anchor buoys are established, is defined at the rate of 5 zh2 on 1 bathing. In a sunbed the zone of strict medkontro-la for the patients needing special medical observation (10 — 15% of places) is allocated; in it there are a medical post, a klimatosooruzheniya for reception of solar bathtubs, on some P. install the equipment for hydroaero ionization. In the southern resorts surface constructions (buna, piers) can enter this zone. In a shadow zone conditions for reception of air bathtubs are created. Behind a shadow zone is located klimatopavilyon, the chambers for a dream opening towards the water area, the room for storage of bedding shower, bathrooms are provided in it. In the central part of a klimatopavilyon there are an office of the doctor, the hall to lay down. physical cultures, points rescue and meteorol, services, broadcasting center. Meteorol. point is equipped with the equipment for definition of microclimatic conditions of P. and carrying out dosimetry of procedures. On the building of a klimatopavilyon determine the hours turned towards the sea, 50 — 75 m, well distinguishable from distance. The first-aid post is equipped, except the equipment necessary for rendering acute management, with the equipment for control of carrying out klimatoprotsedur.

See also Climatotherapy .

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