BAZHENOV Nikolay Nikolaevich

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BAZHENOV Nikolay Nikolaevich

BAZHENOV Nikolay Nikolaevich (1857 — 1923) — the Russian territorial psychiatrist, the doctor of medicine (1894), professor (1900). Ended Moscow un-t (1881). Worked in M. P. Cherinov, S. P. Botkin, A. Ya. Kozhevnikov's clinics, and also for Sharko (J. M of Charcot), V. J. Magnan. S. S. Korsakov's associate. Together with it introduced system of not constraint in a psychiatric clinic in Sokolniki for the first time (Moscow, 1881). The first in Russia in the Ryazan insane hospital carried out system of open doors (1885) and family psychiatric patronage (1887), and in the Moscow Preobrazhenskiy hospital — two-sedate care of the insane (1910). One of the first among psychiatrists brought up a question of decentralization of mental health services (1886). With its participation insane hospitals in Ryazan, Vinnytsia, Voronezh, Moscow are built (nowadays hospitals of 3. P. Solovyova and P. B. Gannushkin). Based and headed department of psychiatry (1906 — 1916) Moscow high female courses. Trained specialists of female psychiatrists (T. P. Simeon, S. V. Mikhalevskaya, etc.). Its scientific works are devoted to the organization of mental health services, the legislation on the insane, history of psychiatry, mental epidemics, a cyclotymia, schizophrenia, a patography, psychotherapy, etc.

The first chairman of the Russian union of neuropathologists and psychiatrists (1911 — 1916), the organizer of the 5th International congress on contempt of the insane (1914).

Works: Bases of the doctrine about fever, M., 1883; To a question of value of endointoxications in a pathogeny of some nervous symptom complexes, Kharkiv, 1894; Psychiatric conversations on literary and public subjects, M., 1903; The Moscow Dollgauz's History, nowadays Moscow municipal Preobrazhenskiy hospital for the insane, M., 1909; The Draft of the legislation on the insane and an explanatory note to it, M., 1911; La suggestion et ses limites, P., 1911 (sovm, with Ossipoff).

Bibliography: Rosenstein L. M. Moscow psychiatric school and H. N. Bazhenov, Klien, medical, t. 2, No. 4, page 131, 1924; Ushakov G. K. and of ER and sh A. G. Zhizn and activity of H.H. Bazhenova, Zhurn. neuropath, and psikhiat., t. 72, century 8, page 1236, 1972.

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