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BAZEDOV Karl (Basedow Karl Adolf von, 1799 — 1854) — the German doctor. Ended medical f-t in Halle. Began work in surgical clinic under the leadership of the surgeon and the physiologist Vaynkhold (K. A. of Weinhold). After improvement in Paris since 1822 and until the end of life worked as the district doctor in Merzeburge. Its activity covers surgery of various areas, gynecology, an ophthalmosurgery. The world popularity «The exophthalmos in connection with a hypertrophy of cells of fabrics in an eye hollow» got after publication (1840) of work («Exophthalmos durch Hypertrophie des Zellgewebes in der Augenhohle»). It it gave to B the classical description of the disease which is characterized by a craw, pucheglaziy and heartbeat (a so-called merzeburgsky triad). This disease in Italy received the name of a disease of Flayani, in England — Greyvs's disease, in Germany and in the majority of other countries — a bazedovy disease, and in the USSR — a diffusion toxic craw (see. Craw diffusion toxic ).

Works: Exophthalmos durch Hypertrophie des Zellgewebes in der Augenhohle, Wschr. ges. Heilk., S. 197, 220, 1840.

Bibliography: Major R. Classic description of disease, p. 282, Oxford, 1955; S u d-hoff, Biographie v. C. A. Basedow, Munch, med. Wschr., S. 749, 1910.

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