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BAUMANN Rudolf (Baumann Rudolf, sort. in 1911) — the German doctor-internist and the pathophysiologist, the academician. German AN (1965, Berlin), foreign member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1974). Member of SEPG since 1951.

In 1936 ended medical f-t in Rostock and worked as the practical doctor. Since 1948 — the director-tsy Hufeland (Berlin). In 1951 on base in Berlin-Bukhe would organize institute of kortikovistseralny pathology and therapy German AN, in the subsequent reorganized into the Central institute on a research of regulation of cardiovascular system. Was entitled the doctor of medicine in 1957 for researches of a pathogeny and development of methods of treatment of a diabetic coma.

R. Baumann is the author of 154 scientific works, including three monographs. Its main works are devoted to a research of higher nervous activity, biological cybernetics and regulation of the «organism — Wednesday» system.

On the basis of original researches with transplantation of a brain of dogs he rejected a hypothesis of existence of the biological products causing a dream. Also dependence of reaction of a transplantirovanny brain of a dog to introduction of mediators on its initial bioelectric activity is established to them.

Under the leadership of R. Baumann methods of early identification and prevention of an idiopathic hypertensia at the persons predisposed to it are developed.

R. Baumann is the permanent representative German AN in the constant working group of Ministers of Health of the USSR and GDR, the member of UNESCO on a research of a brain. He was the head of four international symposiums on problems of neurohumoral regulation. It is awarded the order Silver domestic and medals of GDR.

Works: Physiologie des Schlafes und Klinik der Schlaftherapie, B., 1953; Coma diabeti-cum, B., 1959.

B. A. Bogoslovsky.