BATUEV Nikolay Aleksandrovich

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BATUEV Nikolay Aleksandrovich

BATUEV Nikolay Aleksandrovich (1855 — 1917) — the Russian anatomist, the doctor of medicine (1887). Graduated from Medicochirurgical academy in 1879 and it is left in surgical clinic of S. P. Kolomnin. Since 1885 — the assistant, then the prosector of department of anatomy of academy. From 1897 to 1900 — professor of anatomy in St. Petersburg women's medical in-those, then in Novorossiysk un-those (Odessa). N. A. Batuyev's works are devoted to anatomy of a bladder, morphology of teeth, questions of anthropology. It translated into Russian the atlas on anthropotomy of Shpaltegolts, to-ry ran into several editions (1907 — 1909). N. A. Batuyev at Novorossiysk un-those created department of normal anatomy with the rich museum where the unique collection of skulls of representatives of local nationalities had special value.

Works: Data for the doctrine on a so-called surgical neck of a bladder, Ezhened. wedge, gas., No. 33, page 615, No. 34, page 641, No. 35, page 663, 1885; Anatomic and surgical researches of a bladder and urethra, yew., SPb., 1887; About morphology of teeth in the anthropological relation, Russian medical, No. 42, page 681, 1893; Lectures on anatomy, Odessa, 1907.

Bibliography: Biographic dictionary of professors I Leningr., byvsh. Zhenek, medical in-that in 50 years, 1897 — 1947, page 5, L., 1947; Tarenetsky A. Department and the museum of normal anatomy at Army medical college in St.-Petersburg in 100 years, page 298, SPb., 1895, bibliogr.

V. N. Ternovsky.