BASHENIN Victor Andreevich

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BASHENIN Victor Andreevich

BASHENIN Victor Andreevich (sort. in 1882) — the Soviet epidemiologist. In 1907 ended VMA. In World War I at the front, and then in research in-ta worked as the epidemiologist. Since 1928 — professor of department of epidemiology Odessa medical in-that. Since 1931 worked in scientific research institute of Red Army, and then in the Central laboratory of Narkomat of means of communication of the USSR. In Great. Patriotic war directed anti-epidemic work on. - transport. From 1947 to 1967 — the department chair of epidemiology Leningrad a dignity. - a gigabyte. medical in-that.

V. A. Bashenin is an author apprx. 100 scientific works, including textbooks on the general and private epidemiology. For the first time in the USSR (1928) it described a harvest fever, than laid the foundation for studying of leptospirosis in the country. Further V. A. Bashenin studied infectious hepatitis and children's infections. A number of chapters for the book about acute infectious diseases of G. A. Ivashentsov (1950) is written to them. Under its management 40 theses are executed. In 1920 — 1924 he was the secretary of All-Union trade-union medical section. Participated in preparation of the 2nd prod. BME. It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: About the mechanism of a sensitization, Zhurn. Ekspery, biol, and medical, t. 7, Ni 18, page 305, 1927; The New epidemic disease of the Moscow province — «water fever», the Gigabyte. and epid., Jsic 3, page 34, 1928; Course of the general epidemiology, 1st prod., M. — JI., 1936, 3 prod. — General epidemiology, JI., 1958; Course of acute infectious diseases, 7th prod., JI., 1950 (sovm, with other); Course of private epidemiology, D., 1955; Epidemiology of infectious diseases during their decrease and elimination, the Short review of scientific activity of department of epidemiology of LSGMI for 1947 — 1966, L., 1968.

Bibliography: Bashenin Victor Andreevich (to the 90 anniversary since birth), Shurn. mikr., epid. and immun., .Ni · 8, page 137, 1972; Smooth S. G. and Zaporozhchen-k about A. Ya. Creative longevity (to the 80 anniversary of a course of life of V. A. Bashenin), Shurn. mikr., epid, and immun., No. 11, page 123, 1963.

V. D. Belyakov.