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BAR Paul Jean

BAR Paul Jean (Bar Paul Jean, 1853 — 1945) — the French obstetrician, the member of the French medical academy (1907), and since 1926 the president of this academy.

Got a medical education in the Parisian Maternite.

Since 1895 headed department of obstetrics Parisian medical f-that.

Scientific works P. Bara are devoted to hl. obr. to food and toxicoses of pregnant women (generally eclampsias), to a narrow basin and mechanism of childbirth, puerperal septic diseases and operational obstetrics. The main researches and extensive personal experience are reflected in its capital two-volume work «La pratique de l'art des accouchements» (1907). P. Bar gave great attention to a metabolism at pregnancy and development of a rational diet of pregnant women. He connected developing of toxicoses at pregnant women with disbolism and recommended conservative therapy, in particular at an eclampsia. On the basis of careful studying of features of the mechanism of childbirth at various forms of a narrow basin P. Bar frostily treated use of a symphyseotomy at a narrow basin because of danger of serious complications to mother and a fruit. At a narrow basin he recommended to make Cesarean section preventively — prior to patrimonial activity to avoid postoperative complications. Are received by it at this operation given for those times (the end of 19 century) results: any death among 87 operated. In fight against a septic infection P. Bar assigned the leading role to preventive actions, but not therapy. Also simple and convenient clip for the rest of an umbilical cord is offered them (a clip Bara).

P. The bar was a founder of the Parisian society of obstetricians-gynecologists, the Obstetrics and Gynecology magazine of the countries speaking French; it was the honorary member of a number of foreign medical societies of obstetricians-gynecologists, including. Moscow (1912).

Works: Des m6thodes antiseptiques en obst6-trique, P., 1883; Legons de pathologie obst6trique, P., 1883; Lecons de pathologie obst^tricale, P., 1900 nl907; La pratique de 1’art des accouchements, t. 1—2, P., 1907.

Bibliography: B of inde au A. Notice necro-logique sur le professeur Paul Bar (1853 — 1945), Bull. Acad. M6d. (Paris), t. 130, p. 8, 1946; Jeannin C. et G h about m e E. Paul Bar, Gyn6c. et Obst0t., t. 45, p. 1, 1946.

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