BARYKIN Vladimir Aleksandrovich

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BARYKIN Vladimir Aleksandrovich

BARYKIN Vladimir Aleksandrovich (1879 — 1942) — the Soviet microbiologist and the epidemiologist. In 1900 ended medical f-t Kazan un-that. From 1908 to 1915 — the assistant I. G. Savchenko and the privatdozent of department of microbiology Kazan un-that. Worked for I. I. Mechnikov and Zh. J. Bordet. From 1915 to 1921 — professor of microbiology Rostov un-that. In 1921 Ying t of microbiology in Moscow organized, the Crimea directed till 1931 and at the same time there was a department chair of microbiology of 1 MSU. From 1933 to 1938 — the research supervisor Central in-that epidemiology and microbiology in Moscow and the department chair of epidemiology of TsIU of doctors.

V. A. Barykin published 114 scientific works and 4 monographs. Consecutive supporter physical. - the chemical directions in studying of immunity. For an explanation of the main immunological phenomena «the theory of a state» is offered them, according to a cut emergence of immunity is caused not by emergence of any new substances, but change of colloidal state of liquids and body tissues. Popularity was gained by its researches on studying of an aviditet of immune serums, they were given a technique of its definition. He established a nodular chronic form of plague at Transbaicalian marmots (1909). The method of vaccinotherapy of carriers at diphtheria is offered them. It is a lot of works of V. A. Barykin and his pupils it is devoted to an etiology, a pathogeny, prevention and diagnosis of a sapropyra, cholera, a malignant anthrax.

Among V. A. Barykin's pupils there is a number of large microbiologists and immunologists: G. V. Vygodchikov, P.F. Zdrodovsky, L. A. Zilber, E. N. Levkovich, etc. Since 1921

A. Barykin is the member of presidium of all congresses of microbiologists and epidemiologists; for a number of years editor of the Magazine of microbiology, epidemiology and immunology; the coeditor according to the section of immunology of 1 prod. BME.

Works: Paratyphoid diseases in Manch-zhuriya, a yew., SPb., 1906; The Nodular form of plague at a Transbaicalian marmot, the Russian doctor, t. 8, No. 16, page 538, 1909; Works of the 4th All-Russian congress of bacteriologists and epidemiologists, page 70, etc., M., 1921 (a number of works about a sapropyra); To the doctrine about the nature of antigens, Mosk. medical zhurn., jsfi 1, page 1, 1924 (sovm, with other); Immunity as function of a state, Shurn. Ekspery, biol, and medical, t. 6, JSTs 16, page 5, 1927.

Yu. I. Milenushkin.