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BART Imre (Barta Imre, sort. in 1899) — the Hungarian therapist-hematologist, professor (1960), ended medical f-t of Pechsky university. From 1933 to 1968 worked in it where gave lectures on pathology and therapy of diseases of blood and the hemopoietic system, and since 1960 headed also department of therapy. I. Bart the W published apprx. 100 scientific works. the h the monograph devoted to hl. obr. to studying of changes of a hemogenesis and coagulant system of blood at nek-ry diseases. He investigated a role of thrombocytes in development of a condition of hypercoagulation at an erythremia, changes in marrow at hepatic therapy of pernicious anemia, a leukopoiesis at various infectious diseases, a thrombocytopoiesis at Verlgof's disease. It described various types of reticular macrophages and their turning into plasmatic. I. Bart — the associate editor of the international magazine «Gematologiya» (Hungary).

Works: Erkrankungen der Milz, Anatomie, Physiologie, Pathophysiologie und Klinik, Jena, 1972.

L. D. Orlova.