BARSELO of Pedro Torrent

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BARSELO of Pedro Torrent (Barcelo Pedro Torrent, sort. in 1910) — the Spanish rheumatologist. With honors finished medical f-t in Barcelona. On rheumatology received preparation in university clinic of Freynd (E. Freund, Vienna). Headed rheumatological service of clinic in Barcelona (1934 — 1973). P. Bar-selo belongs apprx. 500 scientific works, from them there are a lot of monographs on hron, to joint and vertebralny rheumatism, on therapy of rheumatic diseases, etc. Together with Pons (P. Pons) participated in the organization of the Spanish magazine «Revmatologiya». It one of founders of the Spanish island of rheumatologists (1948) and its president (1958 — 1968), president Evropeyskoy (1955 — 1959) and International (1969) antirheumatic leagues; the honorary member of many national rheumatological societies, in including. All-Union (USSR, 1971).

On the 8th International rheumatological congress (1953) P. Bar-selo was an initiator of recovery of the USSR in the International antirheumatic league. He took part in work of congresses of the Soviet therapists and rheumatologists twice — the 16th All-Union congress of therapists (Moscow, 1968) and the 1st All-Union congress of rheumatologists (Moscow, 1971).

Works: El hombro doloroso, Barcelona, 1957; E1 of dolor lumbogacro, Barcelona, 1959; Nuestra experiencia con inometacina en reu-matologia, Med. clin. (Barcelona), v. 45, p. 105, 1965 (sovm, with Sans of Sol£ L.).

A. I. Nesterov.