BARON Mikhail Arkadyevich

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BARON Mikhail Arkadyevich

BARON Mikhail Arkadyevich (1904 — 1974) — the Soviet histologist, the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1948). In 1927 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that and it was left at department of histology. Worked under the leadership of I. F. Ognev, A. G. Gurvich and B. I. Lavrentyev. In 1934 protected dokt, the thesis. From 1932 to 1952 managed department of histology and embryology of the 1st Moscow Order of Lenin medical in-that, from 1945 to 1951 — department of histology and embryology in-that normal and pathological morphology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. Since 1954 worked in in-those neurosurgery of H. N. Burdenko of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences in the field of experimental histology.

M. A. Baron is an author apprx. 90 scientific works; under its management 33 dissertations and a large number of the researches devoted to studying of functional morphology of a peritoneum, a pleura, a pericardium, covers of a brain, synovial and embryonic membranes are executed and defended. M. A. The baron investigated also ways of innidiation of tumors in perigastriums and mechanisms of absorption from cavities of the streamed blood, microorganisms, exudates, etc. It developed the ways of preparation of whole and trakhiskopichesky mounts allowing stereomorphological studying of histologic structures. He was a board member of the All-Union scientific island of anatomists, histologists and embryologists of different convocations. It is awarded by awards: A labor Red Banner, «the Sign of Honour» and medals, and also awards of the People's Republic of Bulgaria «For science and art» and «Kirill and Mefodiy».

Works: Microorganisms and problem of mitogenetic radiation, yew., M., 1934; Gistofiziologichesky studying of heterogeneous regeneration of pericellular devices (synapses), Works 1st Mosk. medical in-that, century 1, page 188, 1935; Macro-microscopy of a visceral peritoneum of intestines of the person, Works of the 3rd Mosk. medical in-that, century 1, page 3, 1939; Reactive structures of internal covers (serous, brain, synovial, endocardium and amnion), L., 1949; The Movement of liquor in a subarachnoid space of big hemispheres (intravital observation), Bulletin Ekspery, biol, and medical, t. 66, No. 12, page 98, 1968; New about functional histology of covers of a brain of the person and their participation in some pathological processes, Works of the 7th Vsesoyuz. congress annate., gistol, and embriol., page 888, Tbilisi, 1969.

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