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BARLEY (bordeolum) — an acute purulent inflammation of a hair sack of an eyelash or sebaceous (meibomian) gland of a century.

I. develops at penetration of pyogenic microorganisms into a hair sack of an eyelash or a sebaceous gland, is more often at the weakened faces with the lowered body resistance to different infection. I. quite often there are against the background of tonsillitis, inflammations of adnexal nasal cavities, diseases of teeth, disturbances fiziol. activities went. - kish. path, helminthic invasions, furunculosis, diabetes mellitus. Quite often I. it is combined with a blepharitis (see).

At the beginning of a disease at edge of a century the painful point appears. Then around it the swelling, a dermahemia and conjunctivas is found. In 2 — 3 days in the field of a swelling yellow «head» is formed, after opening a cut pus and pieces of nekroti-zirovanny fabric are emitted. I. is followed by the hypostasis a century which is the most expressed at localization of inflammatory process in the field of an outside palpebral commissure. In some cases the chemosis is observed (he-moz).

Emergence at the same time several I is possible., to-rye sometimes merge in one. In such cases deterioration in the general condition of the patient is observed, the headache, fervescence, increase in submaxillary and parotid lymph nodes are noted. Barley quite often has recurrent character.

Acute purulent inflammation of meibomian gland (internal I.) clinically differs in localization of process not at edge of a century, and from a conjunctiva.

In rare instances I. is complicated by phlegmon of an eye-socket, meningitis, thrombosis of vessels of a brain, sepsis.

The patients suffering I., especially recurrent, shall be carefully inspected for the purpose of identification possible etiological and the contributing factors.

Treatment at the beginning of a disease consists in wetting of area of a painful point on a century of 70% alcohol of 3 — 5 times a day that quite often allows to suspend further development of barley. For the treatment which developed I. use sulfanamide drugs and antibiotics in the form of drops and ointment. Besides, use dry heat, UVCh-therapy. At I. do not recommend compresses, wet lotions since they promote local distribution of contagiums.

If the disease is followed by fervescence and a febricula, it is necessary to appoint inside sulfanamide drugs, antibiotics.

At recuring I. vitamin therapy, the hyposensibilizing means, intramuscular repeated introductions of an autoblood (see the Autohemotherapy), fabric therapy are shown (see).

Forecast, as a rule, favorable.

Prevention of complications consists in timely active treatment I. and associated diseases.

3. S. Popova.