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BARDENGEYER Berngard (Bardenheuer Bernhard, 1839 — 1913) — the German surgeon. During frankoprussky war of 1870 — 1871 managed surgical department of infirmary.

Since 1874 and until the end of life was the chief surgeon of civil hospital (Burgerspital) of Cologne. It earlier and better, than many heads of university clinics, realized new methods of Lister. For dazzling successes, especially in the field of surgery of extremities, in 1884 it is awarded an academic status of professor — rare difference for the person without official scientific and teaching position.

B. Bardengeyer published capital work about injuries of extremities. The method of treatment of changes by means of extension with a rubber plaster as material for an attachment of draft is offered them. Successful recovery of anatomy and function at heavy changes in hospital of Cologne was caused by the correct organization of hospital business and coherence of medical work with patient care. Founded in 1904. The Cologne academy of applied medicine led by B. Bardengeyer developed the principles of treatment of changes offered them.

Works: Die Drainirung der Peritonealh6hle, chirurgische Studien, nebst einem Bericht liber sieben Nierenextirpationen, Stuttgart, 1881; Die Verletzungen der oberen Extremitaten, Bd 1 — 2, Stuttgart, 1886 — 1888; Der extraperitoneale Explorativ-schnitt, Stuttgart, 1887; Die permanente Extensionsbehandlung, Stuttgart, 1889; Leit-faden der Behandlung von Frakturen und Luxationen der Extremitaten mittels Feder-resp. Gewichtsextension, Stuttgart, 1890; Die allgemeine Lehre von den Frakturen und Luxationen, Stuttgart, 1907.

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