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BARANI Robert (Barany Robert, 1876 — 1936) — the Austrian scientist, the specialist in the field of an otokhirurgiya; Nobel Prize laureate (1914).

Was born in Vienna; in the same place ended medical f-t. Since 1905 — the assistant A. A. Politzer; since 1909 — the associate professor at Vienna un-those. During World War I studied cranial wounds. In 1915 offered a deaf seam after surgical treatment of bullet wounds of a skull. Since 1917 until the end of life Uisala (Sweden) managed department of otorhinolaryngology un-that in.

World fame of R. Barani was created by his numerous and original works, hl. obr. on physiology and pathology of a vestibular mechanism. The new methods of a research of an ear labyrinth bearing his name are offered them: colorizing of an ear across Barani, rotation on Barani's chair (see. Vestibulometriya ), research of antirotation of eyes on Barani (special device), index test on Barani, etc. For these researches he got the Nobel Prize. R. Barani offered an original explanation of a so-called sea sickness; the device for acoustic isolation of one ear by switching off of another — a zaglushitel, or Barani's graggers is offered them (see. Barani graggers ). He developed also original methods of operations on a temporal bone, on a labyrinth and a frontal sinus.

Works: Untersuchungen uber den vom Vestibularapparat des Ohres reflektorisch ausgelosten rhythmischen Nystagmus und seine Begleiterscheinungen, Mschr. Ohren-lieilk., Bd 40, S. 191, 1906; Larmapparat, Z. Ohrenheilk., Bd 56, S. 287, 1908.

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B. S. Preobrazhensky.