BARADULIN Georgy Ivanovich

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BARADULIN Georgy Ivanovich

BARADULIN Georgy Ivanovich (1871 — 1932) — the Russian, Soviet surgeon, the urologist. In 1895 ended medical f-t Kiev un-that and began to work as the territorial doctor of Piryatinsky hospital in the Poltava Region. In 1900 moved to Moscow and worked external, and then the intern of faculty surgical clinic of M wasps-kovsky un-that. Here he held positions of the assistant (1905 — 1913), privatdozent (1913 — 1919), professor (1919 — 1923). During the period from 1900 to 1914 I. Baradulin visited the advanced urological clinics of France, England, Germany.

G. I. Baradulin is the author of 109 scientific works, from them 60 are devoted to questions of urology. In dokt, theses «Appendicitis» he considerably expanded the indications existing at that time to surgical treatment of appendicitis, described possible complications after appendectomy and made recommendations about their prevention. In the subsequent works he offered one of the first in Russia new methods of treatment of urological diseases, such as bringing down of stones of ureters, electrothermic coagulation of tumors of a bladder, etc. It described some little-known and seldom found diseases: cysts of kuperovy glands, polyps of an urethra.

G. I. Baradulin made the significant contribution to development of domestic urology during its formation. He was a founder member of the Urological island in Moscow.

Works: Appendicitis, yew., M., 1903; Complications from a bladder at appendicitis, Medical obozr., t. 61, No. 7, page 472, 1904; Echinococcus of a kidney and its diagnosis, in the same place, t.64, No. 20, page 553, 1905; Practical guidance on urology, p.1, M., 1914; General symptomatology of diseases of uric bodies, Pg., 1917; Treatment of tumors of a bladder electrothermic coagulation, Pg., 1918; The General therapy and ways of treatment of diseases of uric bodies, M. — Pg., 1923; Elements of urology, M., 1927.

Bibliography: Dunayevsky L. I., G. I. Baradulin (To the 100 anniversary since birth), Urol. and nefrol., No. 3, page 50, 1971.

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