BANG Bernhard Laurits Frederik

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BANG Bernhard Laurits Frederik

BANG Bernhard Laurits Frederik (Bang Bernhard Laurits Frederik, 1848 — 1932) — the Danish scientist. Ended medical f-t in Copenhagen (1872) and the Higher royal veterinary school (1873). From 1873 to 1879 worked in hospitals as the prosector and the reserve physician. In 1880 occupied department of surgery at the Higher royal veterinary school, and since 1889 taught the general and private pathology, therapy in the same place. One of the first used tuberculine for diagnosis of tuberculosis at animals for what in 1905 it is awarded by a silver medal of International tubercular society.

Development of veterinary science is connected with a name of Bang. In 1897 it jointly with V. S tribolt opened the causative agent of a brucellosis of cattle (Brucella abortus bovis), to-ry in comparison with other types of brucellas is less virulent for the person (see. Brucellosis ).

For many years Bang was the chairman of General Danish association of veterinarians, the honorary member of many domestic and foreign medical, veterinary and agronomical societies.

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