BANAYTIS Stanislav Iosifovich

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BANAYTIS Stanislav Iosifovich

BANAYTIS Stanislav Iosifovich (1899 — 1954) — the Soviet surgeon, the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1950), the academician of AN of the Lithuanian SSR (1946), the major general of medical service. The member of the CPSU since 1943. V. A. Oppel's pupil. Ended VMA in 1923. Worked as the surgeon in various military hospitals; from 1933 to 1937 — the teacher of department of field surgery of VMA. Was involved in the Soviet-Finnish war as the army surgeon-consultant. In 1940 headed department of field surgery Kharkiv military-medical f-that, and since 1941 — in the Kuibyshev VMA. In the Great Patriotic War was the chief surgeon Zapadnogo and the 3rd Belarusian fronts. Proved the prominent organizer of the surgical help to wounded.

In 1946 — 1947 S. I. Banaytis is the Minister of Health of the Lithuanian SSR, and then the head of department of field surgery of VMA of S. M. Kirov.

By it it is published apprx. 120 scientific works, the vast majority to-rykh is devoted to questions of a field and urgent surgery: to the traumatic shock and methods of its prevention and treatment, questions of the organization of the help wounded in the head, a stomach at fire fractures of a hip, acute diseases of abdominal organs. In a co-authorship with P. A. Kupriyanov wrote «A short course of field surgery» (1942). It published four guides to field surgery.

S. I. Banaytis is a coeditor of an edition of department «Field surgery» of the Encyclopaedic dictionary of military medicine, the editor of the section «Gunshot Wounds and Injuries of a Stomach» of the multivolume work «Experience of the Soviet Medicine in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 — 1945. It is awarded by the Order of Lenin, five awards of the Red Banner, awards of Patriotic war of the I degree and the Red Star, and also medals.

Works: Organization of the surgical help to wounded in the army and army back, Kharkiv, 1940; Field surgery, M., 1946; Bleedings and their stop in field conditions, M., 1952; Traumatic shock, its pathogeny, the prevention and treatment, D., 1953 (sovm, with Petrov I. R.).

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V. A. Dolinin.