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BALZER Felix (Balzer Felix, 1849 — 1929) — the French dermatovenerologist, the member of the French medical academy (since 1908) and her vice-president (1927 — 1929).

Ended medical f-t Parisian un-that in 1873. Managed laboratories in E. Besnier and A. Fournier's clinics, then departments in various hospitals of Paris, including in St. Ludovic's hospital.

F. Balzer is the author of the classical guides and textbooks by venereal diseases. It possesses the idea of treatment of syphilis drugs of arsenic: it applied the first for this purpose the predecessor of salvarsan — gektin. F. Balzer for the first time described an elastic pseudoxanthoma (1884), to-ruyu called an elastic xanthoma (see. Pseudoxanthoma elastic ). With a name F. Balzera also studying of a white kind of adenoma sebaceum (epithelioma adenoides cysticum) is connected. It one of founders of the French dermatological and sifilidologichesky island, the president to-rogo consisted a row of years.

Works: Maladies veneriennes, R., 1927.

Bibliography: Meshchersky G. of Felix Balzer, Russian vestn. dermas., No. 5, page 560, 1929; Biographisches Lexikon der hervorra-genden Arzte, hrsg. v. I. Fischer, Bd 1, S. 63, B. — Wien, 1932.

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