BALANDIN Ilya Fedoseevich

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BALANDIN Ilya Fedoseevich

BALANDIN Ilya Fedoseevich (1834 — 1893) — the Russian obstetrician-gynecologist. In 1858 graduated from the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy; worked the intern of an obstetrical institution St. Petersburg educational at home and in Elizabethan children's hospital. Dokt, defended the dissertation in 1871; in the researches showed harm of swaddling of babies. Since 1873 — professor; since 1874 and until the end of life headed St. Petersburg povivalny in-t. One of the first beginnings to apply antiseptics in obstetrics. The lethality of women in childbirth from septic diseases at institute decreased to 0,2% that was big achievement for those times. I. F. Balangding is the initiator of introduction of an epiziotomiya to obstetric practice in Russia; opposed operation of imposing of high obstetric nippers.

In addition to teaching at institute, I. F. Balangding gave lectures on Female medical courses, and also on courses for the doctors specializing on obstetrics and gynecology; he was a member of Society of the Russian doctors, the founder member of the Obstetric and gynecologic island in St. Petersburg.

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