BAKSHEEV Nikolay Sergeyevich

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BAKSHEEV Nikolay Sergeyevich

BAKSHEEV Nikolay Sergeyevich (sort. in 1911) — the Soviet obstetrician-gynecologist, the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1966). Having finished in 1933. Kharkiv medical in-t, worked as the intern, then the assistant Kharkiv and the associate professor of the Lviv medical in-comrade. Professor (1952), manager. departments of obstetrics and gynecology Uzhhorod un-that (1950 — 1959) and Kiev medical in-that (since 1959). The chief obstetrician-gynecologist of M3 of the Ukrainian SSR since 1959 N. S. Baksheev published apprx. 200 scientific works, from them 12 monographs and manuals. Its scientific research is devoted to studying of influence of a local craw on the course of pregnancy, childbirth and a puerperal period, uterine bleedings, an embolism by amniotic waters, resuscitation of newborns, to patterns of sokratitelny activity of a uterus in labor and developments of methods of its regulation, to toxicoses of the second half of pregnancy, epidemiology and treatment of an urogenital trichomoniasis, hron, inflammatory diseases of female generative organs, chemotherapy of ovarian cancer, etc.

Under the leadership of N. S. Baksheev 54 theses, from to-rykh 17 dokt are executed. He is the chairman of the board of the Ukrainian island of obstetricians-gynecologists, the member of Presidium and the vice-chairman of the All-Union island of obstetricians-gynecologists; member of Presidium of the Academic Council of M3 of USSR; deputy chief editor of the Ped_atr_ya, Obstetrics of I G_nekolog_ya magazine, associate editor of the Obstetrics and Gynecology magazine; editor of an edition of department «Obstetrics and gynecology» of the 3rd prod. BME. It is awarded by a medal to «The guerrilla of Patriotic war» of the 2nd degree.

Works: Experience of use of gramicidin «C» at some diseases in obstetrics and gynecology, a yew., Kharkiv — Lviv, 1949; Use of gramicidin C in obstetrics and gynecology, Kiev, 19 54; Local craw and pregnancy, Kiev, 1963; Embolism amniotic waters, Kiev, 1968; Cancer therapy of ovaries, Kiev, 1969; Uterine bleedings in obstetrics, Kiev, 19 70; The Urinogenital trichomoniasis at women, M., 1971 (sovm, with Padchenko I. K.).

L. V. Tymoshenko.