BAKING Vikenti Vikentyevich

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BAKING Vikenti Vikentyevich (sort. in 1937) — the Soviet surgeon, the member correspondent of AMH (1980). Member of the CPSU.

BAKING Vikenti Vikentyevich

Ended in 1960. Tomsk medical in-t; since 1964 the assistant, and since 1974 the department chair of the general surgery of it in-that. In 1973 protected dokt, the thesis devoted to a problem of management of a heart rhythm by means of electric stimulation. Professor with 1976

V. Pekarsky is the author of St. 100 scientific works, 4 inventions; the main direction of its researches — questions a wedge, and experimental surgery. The technique is offered them and together with engineers devices are developed for definition of operational blood losses (1966), an effective way of management of a heart rhythm at various forms of arrhythmia and the device for automatic control of a heart rhythm (ASUR) awarded medals of ENEA of the USSR (1976). V. V. Pekarsky successfully applied (1977) to resuscitation of cardiac patients a semi-biological prosthesis of heart (assistor) providing a complete recovery of activity ts.n.s. Under its management the equipment is developed for simultaneous implementation of electrostimulation of heart and an artificial circulatory support, and also a capsular electrostimulator of a vermicular movement of intestines.

Works: Influence of electric stimulation by pair impulses of ventricles of heart on a rhythm of its effective reductions in an experiment, Cardiology, t. 8, No. 10, page 25, 1968 (sovm, with other); Electric stimulation of auricles pair and triple impulses in an experiment, there she, t. 9, No. 11, page 47, 1969 (sovm, with other); The Portable electrostimulator for management of a heart rhythm, Blood circulation, t. 3, No. 6, page 66, 1970 (sovm, with V. N. Levash-co); Management of a heart rhythm by means of electric stimulation by pair, triple and kardiosinkhronizi-rovanny impulses, a yew., Tomsk, 1971; Direct mechanical kardiomas-sash as one of methods of cordial resuscitation, in book: Materials of the second Vsesoyuz, congress anesteziol, and reanimatol., page 134, Tashkent, 1977 (sovm, with other); Management of a rhythm and rate of heart by means of electric stimulation by steam rooms and the bio-managed impulses, Tomsk, 1980.

G. I. Mendrina.