BAKHERAKHT Andrey Gavrilovich

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BAKHERAKHT Andrey Gavrilovich (1724 — 1806) — the sea doctor who considerably improved statement of medical business on the Russian fleet. Graduated in 1743 from hospital school at the St. Petersburg general overland hospital, in 1750 — Leiden un-t, having defended the dissertation about diseases of sheaves; practiced treatment by electricity and invented for this purpose the special device. In 1760 it is appointed the main doctor of the Baltic Fleet. A. G. Bakherakht is the author of manual «A way to preservation of the health of sea attendants» (1780) sent to commanders and doctors as the official management. Manual, eurysynusic at that time, was the first Russian leaders on sea hygiene and contained a set of detailed instructions to ship doctors, valuable to their practice in the conditions of the Russian fleet. Stay within 36 years And. G. Bakherakhta on a post of the main doctor of the Baltic Fleet it is marked by great success in the organization and activity of medical service: by the large ships there were constant infirmaries and drugstores operating on the pharmacopeia made by it; dignity. the condition of the fleet improved; mass diseases of teams almost stopped.

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