BAGDASAROV Andrey Arkadyevich

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BAGDASAROV Andrey Arkadyevich (1897 — 1961) — the Soviet hematologist and transfuziolog, the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1957), the honored worker of science, the member of the CPSU since 1918; participant of Great October socialist revolution. In 1923 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that, it was left in hospital therapeutic to clinic where there passed the way from the intern to professor, the head of the department. From 1931 to 1961 — the director Central in-that hematology and hemotransfusion, at the same time the head of haemo therapeutic clinic of the same institute (since 1936), the chief hematologist of M3 of the USSR.

A. A. Bagdasarov is an author more than 100 printing works on questions of a hematotherapy of various diseases and problems of preparation and conservation of blood. He actively participated in the organization of service of hemotransfusion during attack of Japanese near the river Halkhin-Gol, in war from belofinna and in the period of the Great Patriotic War. In 1943 — 1944 directed the special crew developing questions of clinic and therapy of traumatic shock in the conditions of PMP and MSB. Under the leadership of A. A. Bagdasarov such valuable remedies as native and dry plasma, eritrotsitny, leukocyte and trombotsitny weight, gamma-globulins are received from blood, the domestic blood substitute — Polyglucinum — one of the best antishock means is created. For development of new methods of conservation of blood and medical drugs from blood A. A. Bagdasarov is twice conferred the State award USSR (1946, 1952). A. A. Bagdasarov's merit in creation and development in the country of an extensive network of the institutions supplying with blood, its components and drugs medical institutions is big. A. A. Bagdasarov was a board member of the International and European societies of hematology and hemotransfusion, the chairman of hematologic section of the Moscow therapeutic island, the organizer and the editor of the country's first «Problems of Hematology and Hemotransfusion» magazine; took part in editorial preparation of the 2nd prod. BME. It is awarded by two Orders of Lenin, two awards of the Red Star, and also medals.

Works: Problems of transfusion, conservation of blood, Works 2nd Vsesoyuz. konf. Center branch, in-that gematol. and modulation, blood, page 14, M., 1936; Heterohematotherapy of a peptic ulcer of a stomach and 12 perstny guts, yew., M., 1939; Hemotransfusion, M. — L., 1939 (sovm, with Seltsovsky P. L.); A hematotherapy in clinic of internal diseases, M., 1952 (sovm, with Dultsin M. S.).

Bibliography: Andrey Arkadyevich Bagda-Sarov, Probl. gematol. and modulation, blood, t. 6, No. 9, page 3, 1961 and Klin, medical, t. 39, No. 12, page 141, 1961.

A. E. Kiselyov.