BAEV Alexander Aleksandrovich

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BAEV Alexander Aleksandrovich

BAEV Alexander Aleksandrovich (sort. in 1903) — the Soviet specialist in biochemistry and molecular biology, W. A. Engelgardt's pupil; academician of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1970), winner of the State award USSR (1969). Member of the CPSU. Ended medical f-t Kazan un-that (1927). Worked at department of biochemistry Kazan medical in-that (1930 — 1935), in Ying-those biochemistry of Bach as Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1935-1959), in Ying-those molecular biology of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (since 1959). Since 1971 the academician-secretary of Department of biochemistry, biophysics and chemistry of physiologically active connections of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

A. A. Bayev is an author over 150 works of experimental and survey character, including monographs on biochemistry and molecular biology. The main works — on cellular respiration, a chemical structure and function of transport RNA (TRNK). The group of biochemists and chemists Ying-that molecular biology of Academy of Sciences of the USSR directed by A. A. Bayev deciphered the sequence of nucleotides (primary structure the) of barmy TRNK specific to valine (brought down-PHKl). A. A. Bayev and his employees offered an original method of studying of functional activity of fragments of molecules and their specific associates (a method of «the cut molecules»). This method gained big distribution.

Works: The euzymatic analysis of transformations of adenosine triphosphoric acid in nuclear erythrocytes in connection with breath and glycolysis, Biochemistry, t. 2, century 2, page 454, 1937; Primary structure of valinovy transport PHK1 of pressed yeasts, Molekulyarn. biol., t. 1, century 5, page 754, 1967 (sovm, with other); Localization of two recognition sites in yeast valine tRNAl, Nature (Lond.), v. 229, p. 21. 1971 (sovm, with other).

T. V. Venkstern.