BADALYAN Levon Oganesovich

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BADALYaN Levon Oganesovich

BADALYAN Levon Oganesovich (sort. in 1929) — the Soviet neuropathologist, the doctor of medical sciences (1964), professor (1965). Member of the CPSU. In 1953 ended Yerevan medical in-t. From 1959 to 1963 — the assistant to department of nervous diseases, since 1963 — the department chair of neurology pediatric f-that the 2nd MMI of N. I. Pirogov.

L. O. Badalyan is an author more than 150 scientific works, including a number of the monographs devoted to hl. obr. to hereditary diseases of a nervous system at children (a myopathy, fakomatoza, epilepsy), and also to vascular cerebral disorders. In dokt. theses he investigated frustration of cerebral circulation at inborn heart diseases, and also at «dry» heart operations under a hypothermia and with artificial circulation. Classification and a number of new methods of treatment of the progressing muscular dystrophies is offered them. In 1965 on its initiative it was organized and the course of clinical genetics is given. Under the leadership of L. O. Badalyan more than 40 dissertations, including 7 dokt are defended.

L. O. Badalyan carries out big public work. He is the chairman of the problem commission on medical genetics and hereditary diseases of the person of M3 of RSFSR, the deputy chairman Vsesoyuzny and Moscow societies of neuropathologists and psychiatrists, the honorary member of the Bulgarian island of children's doctors, the deputy editor-in-chief of department «Neurology» and the editor of department «Medical genetics» in 3 prod. BME, editor-consultant of the 3rd BSE edition.

Works: The guide to a technique of a research of a nervous system, M., 1968 (sovm, with other); Hereditary diseases at children, M., 1971 (sovm, with other); The Reference book on clinical genetics, M., 1971 (sovm, with other); Lectures on clinical genetics, M., 1974; Hereditary diseases of neuromuscular system, M., 1974 (author of a number of the Art.); Children's neurology, M., 1975.

E. I. Gusev, V. V. Mikheyev.