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BABICH Antal (Babies Antal, sort. in 1902) — the Hungarian surgeon-urologist, the full member and the academician-secretary of department of medicine Hungarian AN (1951); foreign member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1965). In 1927 ended medical f-t Budapest un-that. Pupil of the famous urologist Geza Jelyes. Since 1945 — professor, the manager. urological clinic Budapest un-that.

A. Babich is the author of more prescientific works devoted to various questions of surgery, urology and nephrology. Researches of the scientist formed the basis of new views in understanding of urodynamic, a pathogeny of pyelonephritis, the new principles of operational treatment of a nephrolithiasis, new growths of kidneys, a bladder, prostate. Its works on limf, system of kidneys and upper uric ways are of special value.

A. Babich is the founder of school of the Hungarian urologists. Great success in the organization and improvement of urology and nephrology in Hungary is connected with his name.

A. Babich is the full member of the International island of surgeons and the International island of urologists, the honorary member of the All-Union island of surgeons (USSR) and many other foreign medical societies. Editor of magazines «Acta chi-rurgica Academiae Scientiarum Hunga-ricae», «International Urology and Nephrology». Member of a redsovet of the Urology and Nephrology magazine (USSR).

Works: Leberfunktionsuntersuchungen bei Urämie, Z. Urol., Bd 32, S. 533, 1938 (sovm, with Török S.); Modified pyelocalycoto-my for the removal of renal calculi, Acta urol. (Budapest), v. 1, p. 6, 1947; Lymphatic circulation of the kidneys, Acta med. Acad. Sei. hung., v. 2, p. 1, 1951; Die aszendierende Pyelonephritis, ibid., v. 3, p. 15, 1952 (sovm, with R6nyi-Vämos F.); Das Lymphgefässsystem der Niere und seine Bedeutung in der Nierenpathologie und Chirurgie, Budapest, 1957 (sovm, with R6nyi-Vämos F.); Clinical and theoretical pictures of some renal diseases, Budapest, 1964 (sovm, with R6nyi-Yämos F.).

Bibliography: Pytel A. Ya. Prof. Antal Babich, Urol. and nefrol., Kz 4, page 91, 1972; Prof. Dr. Antal Babies zum sechzigsten Geburtstag, Acta chir. Acad. Sei. hung., Bd 3, S. 99, 1962, Bibliogr.

A. Ya. Pytel.