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BABESh Victor

BABESH Victor (Babeg Victor, 1854 — 1926) — the Romanian pathologist, the microbiologist. Got a medical education in Budapest and Vienna, was engaged at K. Rokitansky, F. Reklingkhauzen, R. Virkhov, on bacteriology — at R. Koch and L. Pasteur. Since 1884 — professor a stalemate. histology and bacteriology in Budapest, and since 1886 — in Bucharest where Ying t of bacteriology and pathology organized.

V. Babesh's researches concern bacteriology, epidemiology and pathology of a number of infectious diseases, helminthoses, a pellagra, and also medical, veterinary bacteriology and a protozoology. Its main works are devoted to complex studying of reproduction and ways of advance of the activator in an organism in connection with a histopathological picture of reactions of an organism at tuberculosis, leprosy, rage, a sapa, plague, diphtheria, malaria and other infectious diseases. V. Babesh allocated a streptococcus at scarlet fever (1887). Opened (1888) first representatives of activators of hemosporidioses of animals — the pyroplasma of cattle called afterwards Babesiella bovis and then and pyroplasma of small cattle. Found in a diphtheritic stick metachromatic grains (Babesh's grains — Ernst) that considerably facilitated its trims a tsirovaniye from lozhnodifteriyny sticks. Are found by it at rage of inclusion in cells of c. N of page (are called later Negri's little bodies), and also nevronofagichesky small knots.

V. Babesh — one of founders of a serotherapy and preventive vaccination. It improved a technique of inoculations against rage, and also a technique of receiving antidiphtherial serum. He pointed to social roots of mass diseases, to need of a raising of welfare and culture of the population. Among

V. Babesh's pupils there are outstanding scientists of G. Marinesku, C. Levaditi, etc. In Bucharest there is a museum of V. Babesh.

Works: Die Lepra, Wien, 1901; Opere alese, v. 1 — 3, Bucuresti, 1954 — 1960; Pagini alese, Bucuresti, 1954.

Bibliography: Babesh M. and Idzhiroshanu I. Babesh, the lane from Romanians., Bucharest, 1964; Moszkowski Sh. D. Victor Babesh (Victor Babes) and its role in development of modern microbiology, Zhurn. mikr., epid, and immun., No. 8-9, page 23, 1946; Bibliografia lucrarilor lui Victor Babe§, Bucure§ti, 1954; Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Ärzte, hrsg. v. A. Hirsch, Bd 1, S. 265, B. — Wien, 1929.

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