BABCHIN Isaak Savelyevich

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BABCHIN Isaak Savelyevich

BABCHIN Isaak Savelyevich (sort. in 1895) — the Soviet neurosurgeon, professor (1939); A. L. Polenov's pupil. After the termination (1924) State in-that medical knowledge (Leningrad) also the manager worked as the assistant. neurosurgical department in A. L. Polenov's clinic. In 1935 protected dokt. thesis «Diagnosis and surgery of tumors of cervical department of a spinal cord». From 1938 to 1960 — the deputy director on science and the manager. clinical department Leningrad neurosurgical in-that of A. L. Polenov. Since 1947 — the department chair of neurosurgery Ying-that improvements of doctors of S. M. Kirov. During the Great Patriotic War (1941 — 1945) — chief neurosurgeon of the Leningrad front.

I. S. Babchin possesses over 220 scientific works, including monographs, atlases, the capital managements. It made a large contribution to a technique of operations, especially on a back cranial pole (1938 — 1945), on a spinal cord (1935), in surgery of conduction paths and roots at pains (1930, 1934, 1936) and hyperkinesias (1934, 1937), at damages of peripheral nerves (1935, 1936). It one of initiators of children's neurosurgery and operational treatment of tumors of a brain at children (1941, 1967).

I. S. Babchin offered pathogenetic classification of the closed craniocereberal injury and chain reaction of a brain (1962, 1964) at it. Classification is presented in more than 20 of its publications and problems of treatment of gunshot wounds of a skull and a brain are reflected (1948 — 1950).

I. S. Babchin's works after 1961 are devoted to operations on deep departments of a brain, an izotopodiagnostika, to the combined treatment of malignant tumors and metastatic cancer of a brain, in particular using radioisotopes (1959, 1962), stereotaxic transnasal destruction of a hypophysis at hormonedependent forms of a breast cancer (1969). The important place in its researches is taken by a problem of hormonal dependence of tumors of a brain and a role of vegeto-visceral pathology at a craniocereberal injury (1969, 1970).

I. S. Babchin is the Honorary Chairman Leningrad, and also the honorary member of board All-Union and some other science foundations of neurosurgeons, the Leningrad island of neuropathologists and psychiatrists, the founder member of the Leningrad island of traumatologists and orthopedists, the member of the surgical island Pirogova. It is awarded by awards of the Labour Red Banner, Patriotic war of the I degree, the Red Star and medals.

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B. A. Samotokin.