Antonio's SCARP

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Antonio's SCARP (Scarpa Antonio, 1747 — 1832) — the Italian anatomist and the surgeon, the pupil J. Morganji.

Antonio's SCARP

Ended in 1770. Paduan un-t. Since 1772 taught anatomy in Modena. In 1775 based anatomic in-t there. Since 1783 professor and the founder anatomic in-that in Pavia. From 1787 to 1812 taught surgery in the same place. Having stopped teaching, until the end of life headed un-t in Pavia.

A. Skarpa played a big role in development of the so-called anatomic direction in medicine. It for the first time described the femoral triangle (trigonum femorale Scarpae), a nasopalatine nerve (n. naso-palatinus), a vestibular node of a pre-door part of an acoustical nerve called by his name. As the surgeon A. Skarpa differed high, the equipment and pain-; necks accuracy; offered several new operations, in particular in the field of ophthalmology operation on a crystalline lens (removal of a cataract).

Among A. Skarpa's pupils there was Derptsky's professor un-that I. F. Moyer, in surgical clinic to-rogo in 1828 — 1832 N. I. Pirogov worked.

Works: De structura fenestrae rotundae auris, et de tympano secundario anatomicae observationes, Modena, 1772; Anatomicarum annotationum Lib. I et II, Modena — Pavia, 1779; Anatomicae disquisitiones de auditu et olfactu, Pavia — Mediolanum, 1789; Saggio di osservazioni e d’esperienze suile principali malattie degli occhi, Pavia, 1801; Sull’aneurisma, riflessioni ed osservazioni anatomico-chirurgiche, Pavia, 1804; Sull’ernie, memorie anatomico-chirurgiche, Milano, 1809; Opuscoli di chirurgia, v. 1 — 3, Pavia, 1825 — 1832.

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