Alphonso's PENYE

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Alphonso's PENYE (Pena Pineda Alfonso, 1904 — 1971) — the Spanish surgeon-urologist, the academician of the Spanish national medical academy (1968).

Got a medical education in Madrid un-those, San Carlos in Madrid worked in the USA in clinic of Mayo (Rochester), in Germany in A. Likhtenberg's clinic, in hospital. Professor of urology Madrid un-that (since 1948).

A. Penya published St. 300 scientific works, W. h 3 monographs devoted to various problems of urology and surgery. Its researches of tumors of kidneys and testicles, allergic states in urology, diseases of a prostate are most known. A. Penya promoted implementation in clinic of a transurethral resection of tumors of a prostate and bladder, an estrogenoterapiya of patients with cancer of a prostate, took part in development of classification of tumors of a bladder. It possesses also researches on questions of treatment of cystitis, transvaginal surgery of ureters, dissolution at military stones, nephrogenic arterial hypertension and transplantation of a kidney, piyelorenalny refluxes. Suggested to apply a transdermal puncture of cysts at a renal polycystosis. A. Penya was the chairman of many international congresses, participated in work of the International oncological congress in Moscow (1962); was the honorary member International about-va urologists, many national about-in urologists and surgeons.

Works: To a question of absorption from a bladder, Urology, t. 6, No. 3, page 99, 1929; Tumores de testiculo, Madrid, 1955; Chylu-ric syndrome (pyelolymphatic reflux?), J. Urol. (Baltimore), v. 78, p. 351, 1957 (sovm, with other); Professional medical deontology, An. Acad. nac. Med. (Madr.), v. 77, p. 343, 1960; Allergy in urology, Maroc med., v. 40, p. 1149, 1961; Reflujo vesicoureteral, J. int. Coli. Surg., v. 44, p. 77, 1965 (sovm, with other); Hidronefrosis horn of vaso an6malo, Prontfstico y tratamiento, Folia clin. int. (Barcelona), v. 18, p. 225, 1968 (sovm, with Rygato P. G.).

K. A. Velikanov.